The PCT Annihilyzer® System is a turnkey on-site generation (OSG) unit that effectively generates, dispenses and manages OSG 460D and OSG 11-12C solutions. OSG 460D is an effective sanitizer and powerful disinfectant. OSG 11-12C is an effective mild detergent, surfactant and degreaser. These products are gentle and more eco-friendly than traditional cleaning products such as bleach and ammonia.

Using PCT’s on-site generation equipment allows organizations to remain independent of potentially unpredictable manufacturing and logistics delays in the area of disinfection, ensuring that staff members are always able to obtain high quality disinfecting products when they are needed without concerns about availability or reordering issues.


Hydrolyte® is a member of a family of dilute mixtures of oxychlorine compounds that is produced from weak salt water in the anode chamber of the Hydrolyte® electrolytic cell. Hydrolyte® has been proven effective against a broad range of bacteria, mycobacterium and viruses. It is highly effective against C Diff. The method of killing unwanted microorganisms is accomplished through the physical destruction of the cell structure, bursting the cell’s membrane and disrupting the cell’s DNA. This type of lethal cell action does not allow the microorganisms to become “adaptive” to Hydrolyte® or form resistant strains which can survive treatment.

Catholyte Free® or sodium hydroxide is an aqueous solution that is the natural byproduct of the electrolysis process and is used to reduce microbe contamination and soil loads that can harbor germs on hard surfaces. Catholyte is also a very effective degreaser and is a great option to safely clean floors without hazardous fumes, thus improving indoor air quality.